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Fresh Angles. Austria through the Eyes of Amateur Filmmakers

Antisemitic graffiti in Vienna, filmed by an American tourist in 1938. Lafayette P. Monson, courtesy of Getty Images

Project presentation (together with Lindsay Zarwell) of the research project “Ephemeral Films: National Socialism in Austria”  (http://geschichte.lbg.ac.at/research-program/ephemere-filme)

THE AUDIOVISUAL MEMORY OF THE NAZI ERA remains vastly dominated by official images created by the Nazi propaganda machine. To address this shortcoming, the Museum collaborated with the Austrian Film Museum and the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for History and Society to highlight a collection of ephemeral films mostly shot by amateur filmmakers. The films depict vibrant prewar Jewish life in Austria, the turmoil of the Nazis taking power, and the persecution of Jews after the Anschluss, including films shot by Americans. An innovative web application, based on open-source technology, dynamically displays an extensive geographical, historical, and academic analysis of each film. 


Organizer: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Cooperation partners: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Austrian Film Museum, Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for History and Society
Sponsors: Future Fund of the Republic of Austria

LBIGG Project: Ephemeral Films: National Socialism in Austria
LBIGG Team: Ingo Zechner


Di, 27/10/2015 - 19:00
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington DC, USA