Fragmentary Recollections. Shadows of Sound in Small Gauge Cinema


Fr, 19/05/2017 – 14:00


Lichtspiel/Kinemathek Bern, Sandrainstrasse 3, 3007 Bern, Schweiz

Film screening and presentation by Stefanie Zingl at the international symposium „The noisy Amateur Film“ (together with Raoul Schmidt)

Amateur filmmakers took great efforts in representing sound: Sound is not only to be heard, but to be seen, to be imagined.

In 1960, Karl Muhi (or Luhi?) went to a Voice-O-Graph booth about the size of a telephone box to record a phonograph disc. Out he came with a small record, which introduces his new film of a 13 day long trip through five countries, telling the audience what they were about to see. This is but one example of the ingenuity and skills in improvisation of amateurs aiming to include sound to their films. Often fragmentary or fragmented in themselves, the resulting audiovisual hybrids are exceptional in their individual making and their variety of methods.

Veranstalter: Brigitte Paulowitz und David Landolf, Lichtspiel/Kinemathek Bern

a. Fragmentary Recollections. Shadows of Sound in Small Gauge Cinema.