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Artistic Practice and Urban Practice – Limitations, Potentials


Mi, 23/01/2013 – 15:00 bis 16:00


Technische Universität Wien, Karlsplatz 13, 1040 Wien

Presentation by Carina Lesky and Anamarija Batista at the Symposium “Dialectics between Urban Imaginaries and Urban Materialities”

“Artistic Practice & Urban Practice: Limitations, Potentials“ responds to current developments and the ongoing discourse, analyzing possibilities to integrate art into the planning and creation of public space.
In order to provide an in depth analysis, the project focuses on artistic developments within the fields of film and sound art, which both are in their origin and structural composition closely connected to urban space and its perceptive disposition. Moreover, they currently step outside of their traditional settings into the public space, where they fuse with existing urban structures opening up new sensual spaces. This brings up several questions: What impact does art have on urban structures? What new structures, relationships, opportunities and potentials emerge from such interventions? In how far does art affect and alter semantic systems of concrete locations?
A special focus of this paper is put on the analysis of representative cooperation’s between artists and urban planners:  Where are the limitations and challenges in existing structures, strategies and productive conditions? Where are potentials for an integration of art into urban practice on a long term basis?

Organizer: Interdisciplinary Center for Urban Culture and Public Space Vienna University of Technology.