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Move On! Mobility Meets (Little) Resistances


Do, 26/11/2015 – 14:30 bis Sa, 28/11/2015 – 16:00


Magdas Hotel, Laufbergergasse 12, 1020 Vienna, Alte Kapelle, Spitalgasse 2-4, Court 2.8, 1090 Vienna

International Graduate Conference

“Move on!” reflects the need to move further, transform, transfigure, develop, and maybe even leave behind academic commonplaces. But the title of the conference also puts the constellations of power that generate, enforce and presuppose mobility up for discussion.

Guests: Sudeep Dasgupta (Universiteit van Amsterdam), Jennifer Ann Wenzel (Columbia University, New York), Bilgin Ayata (Universität Basel), Anna Lipphardt (Universität Freiburg)

Organizer: University of Vienna, Forschungsplattform “Mobile Kulturen und Gesellschaften”
Organizing Committee: Alev Çakır, Katharina Fritsch, Syntia Hasenöhrl, Roman Kabelik, Barbara Maly, Viktoria Metschl, Carsten Schäfer, Joachim Schätz, Marianne Windsperger