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Taxonomy of Relations


Mo, 19/08/2019 – 13:30 bis Di, 20/08/2019 – 17:00


Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Digital History

Workshop of the Project „Visual History of the Holocaust“ (VHH)

How do images travel through time and constitute a visual history?

The films shot by Allied cameramen upon the liberation of Nazi concentration camps have been used and reused over and over to visualize the Holocaust. They have also informed the recreation of images alluding to the events: from documentary films to fiction films of various genres, from graphic novels to artworks, from music clips to video games. How do these images, uses and reuses relate to each other? To constitute, analyze and display relations will be at the core of the Visual History of the Holocaust Media Management and Search Infrastructure (VHH-MMSI). In this 1.5 day workshop, VHH Team Members meet with an external expert to lay the ground for the development of a Taxonomy of Relations.